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                                               ARMED FORCES RADIO AND VOA


 This page provides information on the various Armed Forces Networks; primarily in WWII.  It also describes the start of the Voice of America.  A companion page provides access to related documents.

      This material is provided for use by Educators and Researchers. No copyrights or usage rights are implied or granted.

AFN, Europe 40th Anniversary  1984
AFN, Europe History to 1999
AFN: “Vanished Shooting Star”  2007
AFN, Europe at War  Apr, 1944
AFRS Stations in the European Area
AFRTS: The First Sixty Years  2000
AFN, Europe 20th Anniversary  1964
VOA by NBC shortwave  1950s
VOA Palo Alto–Peterson  2007
The Voice of America Munich Transmitter
Voice of America audio
A Voice across the Pacific
AFRTS  Jan, 1944The Mosquito Network