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Here are stories and color about individual station studios and transmitters. By no means inclusive, this page directs you to a view of what was at the time the “very latest” radio technologies and operations. See also Radio PioneersDevelopment of the AM Band and Breakup of the Clears.

Stories have been added as they were obtained: we offer apologies for the lack of alphabetical order. “Control-F” or other search functions should work. 

This page, like many others, is being continually updated.  We’re always looking for additional material so please contact us if you have station information you’d like to share.

New 50 kilowatters Oct 1931Pacific NW Stations 1940 MapExperimental Bdcast Sta’s 1938Mexican AMs 1938
Western Station “Group” 1941RCA Brdcast News Vol 1-1 cover 1031STATIONS CC–MCC–WCC 1942KOB Story Radio World
KAKE Sep, 1949KDIX Jan, 1949KDKA 500 HP Apr, 1931KDKA HISTORY 1970
KDKA NEW FRANKLIN 1995KDLR Jul, 1939KDTH May, 1948KDYL May, 1941
KENI Jan, 1950KFAB Dec, 1947KFAM Sep, 1987KFAR Mar, 1940
KFI-Blattermann Jul, 1970KFI-Collins Jan, 1992KFI-Brannigan Jan, 1992KFKB (Dr Brinkley) 1930s
KFPW 1941KHAS Feb, 1941Dr John R Brinkley 2 cuts MP3WABC Columbia Island
Border Blasters (NPR) MP3WOWOKOA Flat-TopOld Man Henderson and the FCC-KWKH
WSM postcardWSM tower pics c. John HettishWOC postcard
High Island Tower Falls  Aug, 1967
KMOX–Stan Adams 2005KMPC 0541KNX Anniversary Oct, 1995KNX Tower falls Feb, 2000
KOA Sep, 1934KOA-WHDH 850 Decision 1942KOB Sep, 1941KSFO-KOIL-WSYR
KOOS Sep, 1949KPAB Dec, 1938KRDO Sep, 1949KRE Dec, 1937
KRLD Jul, 1939KROD Feb, 1941KVEC-KRSA May, 1941KSAL Dec, 1937
KSEI Jan, 1950KSFO-KOIL-WSYRKSL SAN FRANRadio Luxembourg Story
KSYC Sep, 1949KTAR May, 1942KTBS Sep, 1949KTSA Jun, 1937
KTWO on Clear Channel 1975KWK Nov, 1936KXLL Sep, 1949
KXRO Dec, 1937XEH-KYCA May, 1941KYUM-WMGA May, 1941KYW move–Blog
WATL Dec, 1937WBBM-KFAB BlogWBCK Sep, 1949WBEN Oct, 1932
WBOC May, 1941WBTWBT Oct, 1932WBT Late 40’s
WBZ Dec, 1948WBZ-WBZA–HalperWCOA Dec, 1938WCAU Jan, 1946
WCAR Jul, 1940WCAU Oct, 1932WCBI May 1941WCBM Feb, 1941
WDAP-WGNWCKY Mar, 1940WDBJ Dec, 1936KSFO photos c. John Schneider
WDGY Brochure 1951WDGY History ThesisWDNC May, 1948
WEAF 20Th Anniv. 1942WERE Aug, 1957WFBC Sep, 1941WFBR Tower site
WFIG Feb, 1941WFLA May, 1941WFMJ Sep, 1941WFMY May, 1948
WGAN Jul, 1939WHAS Feb, 1938WGST Dec, 1939WGY Sep, 1933
WHAM Nov, 1936WHAM-WHFM May, 1948WHBL Dec, 1936WHER Apr, 1957
WHHM Sep, 1949WHIO Dec, 1936WHIO Aug, 1955WHIP Dec, 1937
WHN Apr, 1942WHN May, 1942WHO Jun, 1937
WIBW Oct, 1939WIOD May, 1942WIP Nov, 1940WIRE Feb, 1941?
WISHWISL Sep, 1949WJAX Nov, 1940WJHP Feb, 1941
WJR Tim DoolittleWLAC Dec, 1937WLAK Sep, 1949WLOK
WLOL (Large file)WSLB 1941WLW Booklet early 1930s
WMCAWMGA May, 1941WMGM (Large file)WMOB1941
WNAX Dec, 1939WNYC May, 1948WOAI Mar, 1938WOI Jul, 1940
WOR 1940’sWOW early tower 1927WQXR at 75WREC Feb, 1941
WSAV Feb, 1941WSBT Dec, 1936
WSM-Brdcast News Jan, 1933WSM Ground-wave May, 1976WSM Sec. Coverage May, 1976
WSOO Feb, 1941WSPB 1941WSRS Sep, 1939WSYR
WTAG May, 1941WTCN to 1250 Dec, 1936WTCN AM-FM-TV
WTOP Jan, 1950WTRC Dec, 1936
WWDC May, 1948WWJ Nov, 1936WWL Jul, 1940WWNC May, 1941
WWSW Oct, 1932
XEH May, 1941XERA–RothXERF–RCA 2000