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The technology was so good it ended up coordinating lifelines, helping men on the Moon and making possible a whole new realm of communications.  The technology was so good it threatened to disrupt an entire broadcast architecture and put in some peril the long-lines business of AT&T.  The technology was so good it changed the face of radio broadcasting, where it began life as a transmission channel for background music and paging and as an alternative music medium for those “on the edge”. Through no fault of its own the technology became a delivery system for wall-to-wall commercials and idiocy in the name of ‘morning shows’.  The stories below (in no particular order just yet) chronicle the evolution of Frequency Modulation and the hopes and dreams of its early proponents.  You’ll find a lot of stories about early FM stations.

“RCA”:  Radio Club of America Proceedings, reproduced with permission of RCA.  Our thanks to for some of this information.

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FM demonstration  Mar, 1936
RCA:  FM Info Jul,1939“Ultra High Frequency”  Jan, 1940
APEX by Schneider
Wash Radio Club FM  Jan, 1940
Wash Radio Club WRC-FM, 1940
WRC-FM cover  Jan, 1940
FM info  Mar, 1940
Yankee Network  Jun, 1940
FM status  Dec, 1940
W1XPW  Dec, 1940
WOR-FM  Dec, 1940
W2XOY  Jan, 1941
W55M  Feb, 1941
FM vs. AM  Mar, 1941
W1XOJ-Yankee Net  Mar, 1941
FM uses  May, 1941
FM news  Jun, 1941
W71NY  Jun, 1941
FM expansion-calls  Jun, 1941
W41MM  Aug, 1941
W47A  Sep, 1941
W59NY  Oct, 1941
American FM Network  Nov, 1941
FM map  Dec, 1941
FM news  Jan, 1942
FM stations  Mar, 1942
Armstrong on FM  Mar, 1942
W67NY-CBS FM  Mar, 1942
W59C FM in Chicago  Mar, 1942
W2QXR  Mar, 1942
FM in 1942  Mar, 1942
W45D  Mar, 1942
W2XWG-NBC  Mar, 1942
K45LA  Mar, 1942
W39B  Mar, 1942
W55M  Mar, 1942
WOR-FM  Mar, 1942
W41MM progress  Mar, 1942
FM news  Jun, 1942
FM News  Oct, Dec, 1942
FM calls  Oct, 1943
New FM bands  Dec, 1945
FM in Canada  Jan, 1946
Gernsback: FM Boom  Aug, 1947
Armstrong on Low-Band  Jan, 1948FM stations  Apr, 1948
Gernsback: Rising Tide of FM  1948
FM advantages  Jun, 1948
546000 watts in Ala  Nov, 1948
NY FM Network  Dec, 1948
FM network relays  Oct, 1964
FM Superpower  1999
KJBS-FM  Dec, 1948
KWK-FM  Dec, 1948
W71NY  May, 1942
WIBA-FM  Dec, 1948
WJDX-FM  Dec, 1948
WJR-FM  Nov, 1948
U.S. HF Stations  1938
WBRC-FM SuperPower  Feb, 1949
WTMJ-FM SuperPower  Jan, 1949
WSJS-FM  Feb, 1949
RCA FM policies  1942
FM STEREO REPORT & ORDERYankee Network (FM)NYC FM Band 1943
W1XOJ RemoteFM Quadcasts and Stereo Phun