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A growing list of stories from the startup of “the wireless” and its progenitor, “Wired Radio.”  Some were written for the “Radio Fan;” others for the “Radioists” of the day.  Photos and news from the experimenters’ breadboards and from under the tents of pioneer stations reflect admiration for progress and wonder at what’s ahead.

This material is provided for use by Educators and Researchers.  No copyrights or usage rights are implied. “RCA:” Radio Club of America Proceedings, reproduced with permission of RCA

The status of "Wireless": 1899Alexanderson Alternator 1909RCA: Navy Receivers  Mar, 1920RCA: Loop Antennas  Aug, 1921
First radio waves: 1871  Mar, 1922Music In The Air  Mar 4, 1922Early radiophone days  Oct, 19221922 radio advances  Dec, 1922
RCA: "Radio Central"  Apr, 1923"Kilocycles"  Jul, 1923Carrier-current  Jul, 1923Speech-music broadcasts Aug 1923
Early radio in pictures  Aug, 1923Radio developments  Aug, 1923Beverage Antenna  Sep, 1923Radio in pictures  Oct, 1923
Energy values   Jan, 1924Radio pictures  Jan, 1924Radio photos  Jan, 1925Radio engineering progress  1925
Wired Radio: 3 articles Oct, 1926Radio World news Nov 13, 1926RCA: State of Musical Repro. 1926Tesla--FCC History pages
AM frequency response  Jun, 19273XN new 50kw xmtrRCA: Studio Accoustics I  May, 1928RCA: Studio Accoustics II  Jun, 1928
Horsepower-rated  Aug, 1928How much modulation  Aug, 1928GE developments  1930RCA: Sound Recording notes 1930
RCA: Bdcast Pgm protection 1930A new Vertical Antenna  Feb, 1931Feeling happy with NIR  Dec, 1931
RCA: New Vertical Radiator 1934RCA: More on Vert Antennas 1934Volume Indicator  Jun, 1934Luxembourg Effect  Feb, 1935
NBC Anti-Sidetone  Mar 5, 1935"Natl Bureau Stan"  Apr, 1944Wired Radio-Talking JukeboxWestern Electric Story
"3XN" and Echo-Elimination 1927Wired Radio Thomas H. WhiteEarly Radiophone  Jan, 1947Propagation predictions  Aug, 1947
Machinery mag: "Wireless"  1899BSTJ: Shared-Channel NoiseWired Radio coinbox-Paris  1923Radio Time Machine  1942
Alexanderson Alternator  Jun, 1929RADIO ROWWBBM-KFAB Synch