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Clicking below takes you to stories about business and technical aspects of radio network development, both wired nets and over-the-air relays. We also find stories on early “Remote Control Broadcasting” (known today as ‘Remotes‘), and on “Wired Radio.”

The requirements of radio inter-connectivity pushed the envelope of Mother Bell’s early capabilities. To her credit, Mom responded.  You’ll learn a lot about the telephone company in the information below and by downloading this free e-book on AT&T. A related page offers stories on how the networks grew their audiences.

 “RCA”: Radio Club of America Proceedings, reproduced with permission of RCA

This material is provided for Educators and Researchers. No copyrights or usage rights are implied or granted.


Radio Central  Dec, 1921Transmission methods  Apr, 1922Hawaii relay  Jan, 1924NBC promotion   1926
Why networks?  Feb, 1928Chain broadcasting 0228Broadcast distribution  May, 1928Networks fight back 1228
Networks expand  Jan, 1929Network concentration  Jan, 1929“ABC”  Feb, 1929Network affiliates  Sep, 1929
Network affiliates  Nov, 1930NBC Times Square  Nov, 1930Network affiliates  Mar, 1931NBC Studio Construction 1931
Network timing  Jan, 1932NBC chimes  Oct, 1932ABS Net  Sep 30, 193330 Rockefeller  Dec, 1933
Columbia Net Charter Stations 0927Broadcast chains  Feb, 1934Broadcast networks  Sep, 1934ABS Net  May, 1935
ABS yet again  Nov, 1935NBC promotion  Mar, 1938Network long-lines  July, 1938NBC distribution  Sep, 1938
Mutual startup Sep, 1938NBC defense net  Jan, 1942Red Network stations  Jan, 1942Radio relay  Mar, 1944
Rural radio network  Dec, 1948NBC IDs and chimes MP3“Wired Radio”–3 articlesPacific NW Stations  1940
ABC’s Vanderbilt Stu’s  Jan, 1946Ad-hoc network  1925CBS Engineering Dept  Oct, 1939DON LEE Net 1949
NBC War Studio  Aug, 1940NBC Chicago Studios  Apr, 1932AT&T Long Lines  Dec, 1945Network Cueing  1960
Radio City 0631CBS Streamlined StudiosTexas Network  Dec, 1938RCA: Bdcast Pgm Protection  1928
CBS NetAlert  1961Rural Radio Network history  1974NBC HollywoodBSTJ: Audio Xmission lines
BSTJ: Nat’l wire-line broadcastingBSTJ: Pgm Bandwidth  Jan, 1944NBC Station upgrades  Apr, 1932BSTJ: The new “VU”  1930s
NBC on the new “VU”  Mar, 1940New England Network  Oct, 1932Yankee Network (FM)Columbia Network  1938
BSTJ: Prgrm Ckt. RequirementsBSTJ: Music Transmission by WireCanadian Networks  1938CBS/NBC Networks  1933
Mutual Network  1938NBC Networks  1938Regional Networks  1938Regional Networks  1943
Technical Advice CBS  1938Stereo Choir TransmissionThe Network Sound  Aug, 2005 Equalizing bdcast loops 1926
Shortwave as Network relay 1923Early BBC  1924Networks grow  April, 1927How to do “Chains”  Jun, 1928
Canadian Network  1924“Tel Transmission Unit”  Aug, 1927RCA on New NBC Studios p.18 0534/a<Early remote techniques  1920s
AT&T Chicago  1922Remote technical notes  Nov, 1925Telco-interconnect notes  1923Multiplexing  Sep, 1928
NBC Radio relays  1942Western Union RCA Relay  1945NBC “Hot-Line”  1955ABC–4 Networks  1966
AT&T AND WEAF–History pagesNBC RadioOdditiesNetwork Mech Repro Anc.-BlogNetwork Time-shift-Blog
Bell System and National Defense 1941New Don Lee-Mutual studios 1949NBC Radio City 1934The House Radio Built
Network Recording–BielPacific Tel Family Album thru 1922Reversible network program circuits 1941NBC 35 Hours a Day
NBC On The Air  Sep, 1937Hot News On the Air-NBC  Apr, 1938NBC MONITOR begins 1955Networks' Early Hesitancy
NBC IDs MP3NBC Orange Net 1927NBC Hollywood Small Control Room-KerfootCBS Builds Out News
CBS "Farewell to Studio 9" pt1 MP3CBS "Farewell to Studio 9" pt2 MP3CBS Opens 485 MadisonCBS adds West Coast
Columbia's "Stations Game"Columbia's "Cue-Timer"--SchneiderCorner of CBS Master ControlCBS "Remote"
NBC Chimes History--HarrisEarly CBS GrowthCBS Control Room 3Mutual "Tough Start" 11/33
Mutual Transmission ProceduresNBC Cool PictorialNBC Hollywood--GleasonNBC Coverage Map Undated
NBC Monitor Theme MP3Inside CBS" 1945 MP3San Fran Nets--SchneiderWEAF First Network
A Few More NBC Tech pix