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Of interest to the Broadcast Historian: Radio-1600 to 1950

Trade-magazine scans on early AM and FM development.

These links take you to articles and refer you to additional information.

Many scans courtesy of the Pavek Museum:


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RADIO AT THE GATE Early radio history Radio pioneers Pioneer stations
BROADCASTING AS A Radio regulations Studios and programs The audience
START-UP BUSINESS “Radiotorials” 1922–1924 Gernsback and the Editorials Early predictions
AM DIAL EVOLUTION AM dial 1920-1940 The “Clear Channels” 1941 NARBA
BROADCASTING AND THE Early technical information Wired Radio 50 kilowatts-plus
NEW TECHNOLOGIES Radio recording equipment AM Synchronization Consumer technologies
RADIO DISTRIBUTION National and regional networks Long-wave–Short-wave Early FM
RADIO AND THE WARS WW I and radio between the wars Radio as a world power WW II
SPECIFIC-STATION INFO FCC upgrade records Early news stories Ch-ch-ch-changes

Golden Age of broadcast

technology–retro  1970

AT&T Early Broadcasting —retro 1975

“Early Radio

—retro 1999

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