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SBT 2011

SBT2011 is shorthand for “Selfish Birthday Trip, 2011“, the 25th anniversary of these solo trips to the West where temporary bachelors join like-minded folks for 4-wheel recreational activity, photo-astronomy under some of the darkest skies on the continent, and radio “DX-ing” in some of the “quietest” places of the Desert West; within a few miles of the Colorado River. 

No farting donkeys, but fun roaming the Rockies on 4-wheelers.  No encounters with the spirit of Edward Abbey; just some guys getting together to share stories and swap lies around the campfire while the desert cools around us.  Indulgence in various hobbies is unscheduled and low-key, but the radios and the telescope do have an attraction…for what we might discover if we reach out to elsewhere.  No immense and ponderous truths are unveiled; we’re just out to relax. 

To get an idea of what this is about, click on the photos and audio below.  Also see: THE DAILY REPORT: WHAT’S GOING ON RIGHT NOW AT SBT2011.

Planning the base camp and preparing for long-range radio reception (“DX-ing”)

Types of radio antennas used at the SBT camps

The 4-wheeling and exploring and extracurriculars provide an added dimension

Our many visitors…none of whom would leave a name…just calling cards

Planning for the evening when skies are invitingly clear and radio reception gets better

The morning after