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This site is a somewhat different window on radio history and related technical information. 

Here we focus on the formation and development of pioneer radio stations and

early networks. The views through this window include scans from early radio

trade and hobbyist publications and individual station stories, photos and audio

clips. Another section under construction reviews the history of recorded audio. 

And we take a look at a (dying?) hobby: "Medium-Wave DX-ing."


A treasure trove of pubs is David Gleason's labor of love: AMERICANRADIOHISTORY.COM


On this site we're a bit more granular.  As you'll note when you click the main

RADIO page, we drill right down to individual articles and photos. 

The sections are also formatted to display information by category of interest.


Many early magazine articles are provided courtesy of the PAVEK MUSEUM OF BROADCASTING 

Further information is from the Web and from hobbyists, enthusiasts, experimenters

and other folks who lived the formative years of broadcasting and audio recording.
























































































































































































ATT and the radio networks"


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We're now opening access to thousands of documents, photos, audio clips and long-form programs from the late 19th Century through  about 1950. These 'actualities' deal primarily with early recordings and radio broadcasts, with deep emphasis on World Wars One and Two.

Library access is for use in historical projects.  We also have deeper information on selected stations.  Contact us if you have a project that might benefit from this material.


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