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Looking back almost a century, it’s fascinating to see what was in the minds of the editorial writers of the day.  If you were a reader of popular radio magazines in the 1920’s you watched so many of their predictions come true…sometimes in ways none would have expected.

Hugo Gernsback was the first seriously-published Radio Futurist. His ideas and reflections withstood the test of time in forecasting the unknown forces that would shape the future of radio communications. Sure…he sometimes got it wrong.  But he can be forgiven for any ideas that didn’t quite make sense.

Because usually he did “get it,” and he had vision, and he was very good at sharing it.

You’ll find below a sampling of “Radiotorials”, in which Radio Magazine publishers commented on the impact of current developments. Imagine avidly devouring this month’s issue…and then having to wait for another thirty days for more radio magazines…to open your mind to yet another fascinating possibility!

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