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This page takes you to “milestones,” histories and stories of accomplishments as well as predictions on the future of broadcast communications. 

Additional pieces from Futurist Hogo Gernsback will be found on the “The Radio Editorials” page

This material is provided for use by Educators and Researchers. No copyrights or usage rights are implied or granted.

First radio waves: 1871  Mar, 1922
Early RadioPhone days  Oct, 19221922 radio advances  Dec, 1922Future of radio  Dec, 1922
Early radio in pictures  Aug, 1923Radio developments  Aug, 1923
Radio in pictures  Oct, 1923
Radio pictures  Jan, 1924
Future of radio  Jan, 1924
Radio photos  Jan, 1925
Radio engr. progress  Mar, 1925
Is radio earthbound?  Mar, 1925
Radio in 1935  May, 1925
General Order # 40  Nov, 1928 Radio’s tomorrow  Aug, 1929GE developments  1930
Future of radio  Jan, 1932
Broadcast chronology  Jan, 1932Ten years ago  Oct, 1932
Bdcasting milestones  Feb, 1936Broadcasting facts  Feb, 1937
Future of bdcast-Gernsback  0237Old-time stations  Mar, 1938
Radio history 1600-1921 Mar, 1938Growth of bdcasting  Mar, 1938Mobile news  Apr, 1938
Broadcasting 30 years ago  Aug, 1938
Hi-Fi broadcasting  Aug, 1939
Radio 1950-Gernsback  Mar, 1940
Future radio  Oct, 1943
Radio to the Moon-retro  Apr, 1946
Early RadioPhone  1947
Future of radio-TV  Aug, 1948
Radio Milestones  1962
Golden Age of Technology  1970
AT&T early radio involvement
Early radio retro  1999
Radio World “Silver” retro  2000
“30 Years”–Marconi  Nov, 1926
Radio Club of America History
RCA looks back  Jul, 1939RCA Retrospective  1938
RADIO DECADE RCA 1930 Large File
Cats Whiskers to Color  Jul, 1954
Bert Whyte recalls  Jul, 1954
Technical Advances  1937
Dept of Commerce Radio History  1938
Sarnoff look ahead  1942
NBC’s Trammell: 18 years  1942
NBC Silver Anniversary  1950-51
Radio Miracle of 20th Century
1880-1930 TimetableRadio Industry Story Book 1927-1928Radio's First Quarter-Century
Broadcasting-Its New Day 1925Radio Start to Finish40 Years of BBC Engineering